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About Egypt

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The purpose for the site

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This site provides one of the best products and services for traveling in the Middle East and Egypt.

For your travel company you must register, then you get access to Escale Travel Service packages, special offers, products and VIP services.

Before your registration please refer to our terms and conditions (registration means acceptance of our mentioned terms and conditions mentioned).

We have the solution for any travel agency, all kind of packages that you can dream and don't forget to call for pricining.

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Few reasons to choose us

  1. We are the final Product when traveling to Egypt
  2. We own our buses
  3. We have one of the best pricing in Egypt
  4. 27 years experience in the travel business
  5. We have our own security personnel
  6. Translators in any language
  7. We think like you.
  8. We are responsible
  9. We give the best each time

if you have any suggestions let us know to make this service much better. Your valuable comments are important to us, our Call Center clerks are available 24/7 or via email.

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