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escale_logo_smallWe are a professional team for travel in to Egypt.
We have more than 28 years on the travel business, we have our buses, exclusive vehicles, security personnel and any language translator, including best deals for hotels and travel activities that your client needs, and the best of all is if we don't have it we create it.

We work only with travel agencies, that wishes to focus on the Egyptian tourism, we respect each client, and never share the offers we give to third parties and obviously not to end users.
Also we have exclusively great deals, for the Middle East travel, like Africa, Israel, Jordan, Morocco and Greece, we can prepare also a great package in the Middle East to visit:
  • Sphinx and the Pyramids
  • or Dead Sea and Jerusalem Old City
  • include Petra and the Wadi Ram and way much more.

This is our location, so when ever you wish to come and visit us, you can see also part of the office and meet the team the make all the packages possible.

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We don't give exclusive agreement for country's unless your company can close a monthly deal over the 30k USD.
We also offer monthly and weekly promotions, so you can offer your clients to go to Egypt and the Middle East.
We are flexible in case that your company and ours close a great expensive deals, we can give you special discounts, but please, don't ask for any discount on the first deal.